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Which Witch

Last Thursday saw the exciting “Toil & Trouble” Exhibition and Fundraiser at San Francisco’s Space Gallery.

There’s was a beautiful display of the Witches Lair set as well as the Winter Cemetery set. Both created by Art Director extraordinaire Mikie Graham. There’s was also an awesome display of the Witch with Lara Grant’s incredibly rich costume and a new mask that I made just for the show. And of course Sungjib Kim’s photography was front and center to show us all exactly what it was about.
Many artists displayed and sold witch related art as well as other fabulous pieces. Prizes were raffled off and smooches were doled out in the kissing booth.Some much needed attention and funds were garnered for this very deserving little film.
I brought along my latest pickled punk, Marko i(&) Josip

Mako i Josip

Lara Grant’s dress with my witch mask
Witch Display 2

Witch Display 1

And my latest creation, a zombie marionette with poseable arms and fingers

zombionette 1
He was displayed in the window for all passers by to view

zombionette 2

You can also see Jame’s Sime’s photos here .

I also just discovered that Story About A Witch just acquired a snazzy new website here. So check it out and keep an eye open for more news on this beautiful movie that’s definitely destined for something more.

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