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Picture Problemos

I don’t know why it is I have so much trouble tracking down photos and footage from films I worked on. There were camera’s there, lots of ‘em in fact! I mean that’s the whole point of a film, to record it visually. But for some reason I can’t seem to get ahold of this stuff. Luckily I can sometimes run across pictures of work like this one that I found on Myspace ( oh god, not again ). Here we see Tyler sporting some beautiful shrapnel wounds.

Tyler Stomach Wound
Tyler was seen in a WW2 field medic’s tent and his wounds were rigged to pulse blood as he bled out in a very moving scene.

Add.: (or perhaps A.D.D. is more like it) Hopefully the pretty new camera I just acquired will rectify the situation. Though often there’s just too much fussing going on to ever bother with pictures. One day I’ll have a full time photographer, I swear.

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