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Prosthetics design, production and application
Gore FX
Fantasy/ character make-up
Airbrush painting
Creature design
Moldmaking- silicone, plaster, fiberglass, rubber
Casting in a wide range of materials




“John Carter of Mars” 2012 (Legacy FX)

“Avengers” 2012 (Legacy FX)

“Total Recall” 2012 (Legacy FX)

“John Dies At The End” 2012
Special FX make-up design and application

“Real Steel” 2011 (Legacy FX)

“Cowboys & Aliens” 2011 (Legacy FX)

“Thor” 2011 (Legacy FX)

“Letters From The Big Man” 2011 (Lee Romaire Studios)

“Iron Man 2” 2010 (Legacy FX)

“Alice in Wonderland” 2010 (Legacy FX)

“Dinner For Schmucks” 2010 (Legacy FX)

“Endhiran” 2010 (Legacy FX)

“Shutter Island” 2010 (Legacy FX)

“Halloween 2” 2009

Legacy Effects/ Stan Winston Studios 2008
Worked Mold Dept. for several different commercials.

“Pushing Daisies” 2008 (Make-Up Effects Lab)
Molding and casting of oversized Great White Shark

“Let’s Eat Lolly” 2008 (Lee Romaire Studios)
Rod puppet construction, built miniatures, on set make-up and art department

“Terminator 4” 2008 (Autonomous FX)
Molding, casting & painting for breakable skeletons.

“Race To Witch Mountain” 2008 (Autonomous FX)
Molding, casting & painting of large fiberglass alien pod set pieces. Also worked as on-set technician for “breathing” pods.

“Scare Tactics” 2008 (Autonomous FX)
Fabrication of corpse prop in addition to various other FX

“Yes Man” 2007 (Autonomous FX)
Casting and painting of dead chickens for processing plant.

“Soc Hop” 2007
Feature length horror. Lead all make-up FX. Created and applied full face burn make-up as well as multiple gory death gags. Fabricated prop weapons.

“Story About a Witch” 2007
Fantasy short. Applied character make-up for main character as well as light trauma.

Feature length horror. Designed and fabricated deformed fetuses.

“Fallen Angels”2006
Feature length supernatural horror. Assisted Bob Keen in all aspects. Prosthetic make-up application, blood FX, puppeteer and creature handler.

“Timber Falls” 2006
Feature length horror. Designed and fabricated deformed fetuses.

“Spek-ter” 2006
Short supernatural thriller. Applied full body corpse make-up with airbrush. Rigged blood gag knives for cut effects.

“Brother’s War” 2006
Feature length historical action. Applied light trauma to main actors. Created flowing blood FX and heavy trauma.

“Bad Penny”2005
Feature length psychological thriller. Handled all make-up FX. Multiple trauma make-ups and blood FX. Designed and fabricated multiple fiberglass masks.

“Faith” 2005
Feature length thriller. Created throat slash gag, disembowelment make-up, trauma make-up and weapon props.

“Moonlight Run” 2005
Short comedy. Created bodily fluids

“Evil Dead Live”2004
Lead make-up FX crew handling prosthetics and creature design and fabrication for horror/comedy stage show

“Accidents will Happen” 2004
Black comedy short film. Handled all FX make-up and gags. Including many various deaths, dummy head and flowing blood FX

“Whatever Happened to the Zombie Killers?”2004
Music video. Lead make-up FX crew applying multiple zombie make-ups. Created various body parts using gelatin and latex.

“Little Red VS the Undead”2004
Dark comedy live stage show. Created dummy head from lifecast and dismemberment rig.

“Blind Therapy” 2004
Short thriller. Created blood FX and trauma make-up

Handled all FX make-up and blood/vomit FX on virus short film


“Steve Nile’s Zombie Fest”
Converted partygoers into zombies for themed comic book release party

“Gyro’s 3D Fear Factory”
Creative Director of make-up crew, handled all prosthetic application

“Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, San Jose”
Applied various trauma make-ups to convention attendees at the Fangoria booth


Dick Smith’s Advanced Professional Make-up Course 2006-present
Currently studying second of the 3 part course.

Vancouver Academy of Art 1997
Studied life drawing, painting and masters reproduction

Victoria College of art, Victoria B.C. Canada 1993-1995
Studied all classical Aspects of Art

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